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Paperworks | decorative paper

Paperworks – decorative paper design

Main inspiration for this pattern were of course succulents, that are very popular recently. This artwork is fully digital made.

„Be 100% You” Book Cover

Book covers designs

Made for a commission.

Succulent Pattern for LOUS Warsaw

Succulent Pattern for LOUS

A succulent pattern made speccialy for
Lous Warsaw. Young and fresh brand in
polish fashion industry creating minimalistic clothes.


Reebok Freestyle

Reebok Freestyle by Radek Janowski

One of the tasks during Art&Fashion Forum – Illustration workshops with Olka Osadzińska. My work was to design patterns and graphics for iconic reebok freestyle boots.

I want to give them very cool look inspired by 90s. I used vibrant colors, and ethno / african patterns combined with simple geometrical shapes.


#hearmeout cover

#hearmeout magazine

Front cover for the #HEARMEOUT magazine.

The main topic of this number was the sense of hearing. Illustration represent Marie Antoine.

Jewellery Advert

Illustration for Ela Piętak Jewellery

An A4 advert Illustration inside the magazine for Jewellery Designer – Ela Piętak.

Pirate Mermaid

Pirate Mermaid

Artwork done for Asus competition for a laptop sticker.
The main task was to express yourself and show characteristic style of your own illustrations.



Dior Pre-Fall 14/15

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 14/15 ESPRIT DIOR TOKYO

One of the silhouette of Christian Dior | Pre-Fall 2014/15 Esprit Dior Tokyo by Raf Simons | Paris/Tokyo | Fashion Show

Anja Rubik | Dior SS16

Anja Rubik | Dior SS16

One of the tasks during Art&Fashion Forum – Illustration workshops.  The issue was to illustrate Anja Rubik in a 2016 Spring/Summer collection of chosen fashion designer.
I chose Dior SS 16 by Raf Simons.

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