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PLAN 20 | Master degree



During the workshops „Dobry Tydzień Projektanta” we cooperated with Halupczok company. Our goal was to create a multifunctional furniture for
the combined space of the dining room and kitchen – we were inspired by the chests and trunks, which formerly often hosted in our homes. We decided to lift the body, by embedding it in higher than usual legs. Natural oak veneer combined  with a broken white bring warm and bright light at the same time and remind us Scandinavian design.

Mont – bathroom furniture

Mont | Bathroom furniture

The inspiration for the collection was a mountain landscape. Minimal, vertical forms combined with subdued, warm colors make the furniture will work in every bathroom. The main idea of the project was „functionality”. Solids have specifically designed storage system, so that every user will find a space for themselves. Intuitive division splits furniture into zones, allow you to arrange bathroom accessories easily. Furniture comes with a portable casket with a mirror in which ladies can store makeup cosmetics.

Patron – coffee table

Patron | coffee table

Patron is a small coffee table. The frame is made from a stainless steel, powder-coated with black matte. Wooden top has a small lid, through which we can get to the glass jar. Furniture has therefore also features of storage.

Misy | washbasin and bathtub

Misy | Washbasin & Bathtub

Misy is returning to the past in a modern way. Artificial marble technologies allowed for the manufacturing of friendly shapes, referring in style to metal bowls used by our great-grandmothers. In order to enhance comfort of use, we offered ergonomic, profiled back in bathtub. Lowered edge renders it more oval and gives it a remarkable character. Sink with armature space is perfect for every bathroom, no matter what size it is. Neat and delicate, it makes everyday activities more pleasant.




R. Janowski
M. Melerowicz
M. Pawlak

Milky wardrobe

Milky wardrobe

Our main idea was to divide space for the inhabitants and the guests. Size of Milky adapts to narrow or wide corridors. Applied fabric makes it look light, contrasted with the massive solidity of the form. On the wooden poles we can hang, according to our preferences: coats, scarves or hats. In the lower section there is a place for shoes. We can set the mirror at the determined angle, so that we can see our whole silhouette.
Designed by: Anna Pach Rudnicka & Radek Janowski 

Paperworks | decorative paper

Paperworks – decorative paper design

Main inspiration for this pattern were of course succulents, that are very popular recently. This artwork is fully digital made.

Succulent Pattern for LOUS Warsaw

Succulent Pattern for LOUS

A succulent pattern made speccialy for
Lous Warsaw. Young and fresh brand in
polish fashion industry creating minimalistic clothes.


Reebok Freestyle

Reebok Freestyle by Radek Janowski

One of the tasks during Art&Fashion Forum – Illustration workshops with Olka Osadzińska. My work was to design patterns and graphics for iconic reebok freestyle boots.

I want to give them very cool look inspired by 90s. I used vibrant colors, and ethno / african patterns combined with simple geometrical shapes.